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📌 Vintorio Ambassador ProgramUpdated 2 years ago

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who shares their love of a brand and products with their network.

Our Vintorio Ambassadors help spread the word about Vintorio while earning cash and free stuff along the way! They are outgoing individuals who are active in their communities and like to have a good time. Oh, and they really love wine!

By becoming a Vintorio Ambassador, you’ll get access to fantastic perks like free gifts, exclusive content, and an exclusive discount code that your friends & family can use to shop on By sharing that discount code with fellow wine lovers, you'll get 10% back as cash commission for every sale. 

To be a Vintorio Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram and over 21 years of age (the legal drinking age of the United States.) We’re currently accepting applications from the U.S.only. If you're interested in becoming a Vintorio Ambassador in South Korea, check out our sister site,

Do Brand Ambassadors need to meet a certain sales quota or amount?

No, not at all! The Vintorio Ambassador program is totally what you make of it. Of course, the more you hustle (promote) the brand, the more likely you'll get higher commissions. We understand that life can take over, so you may not have time to promote Vintorio. Feel free to circle back whenever you have the chance! You can make as many or as few sales as you'd like. We won't deactivate inactive accounts.

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