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🎁 Brand Ambassador RewardsUpdated 2 years ago

Do I get free stuff for being an ambassador?

Yes! We will send you a personal coupon code for being a Vintorio Ambassador. This is for you alone! Your personal coupon code is separate from your referral coupon code to share with your friends and family that'll earn you a commission.

Once you hit a certain number of sales, you'll earn freebies for moving up to the next reward tier.

We also host occasional promotional events for our ambassadors which include free products being sent to you regardless of your personal code usage. Keep an eye on your inbox as we’ll email you when an event begins!

What are the Vintorio Ambassador reward tiers?

As part of the Vintorio Brand Ambassador Program, you’ll move into different reward tiers as you make more sales. The more sales you make, the more tiers you’ll move up! Along with the cool status, you'll also receive different rewards and free items for each tier! 

Magnum Status: Congratulations, you made two (2) sales! We'll send you a free Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer to start your wine journey.

Double Magnum Status: Hooray, you made five (5) sales! Keep an eye out for your free Vintorio Waiters Corkscrew (1-Pack.) We hope that you love it!

Jeroboam Status: Fantastic! You’ve made ten (10) sales, and we’re sending you a Vintorio Wine Foil Cutter as a reward.

Imperiale Status: You’re seriously the best! You’ve scored twenty (20) sales, and we're sending you one of our best-selling Vintorio Microfiber Cloths!

Salmanazar Status: You’re top-notch! You’ve made it to forty (40) sales! For your hard work, enjoy our best-selling GoodGlassware Personal Wine Decanters.

Balthazar Status: You're shining bright! You've reached an amazing sixty-five (65) sales! We're sending you our GoodGlassware Champagne Flutes (Set of 4) to add to your collection! 

Nebuchadnezzar Status: Woah! We're impressed. You've reached one hundred (100) sales! As a treat, you'll receive either our Vintorio Omni Wine Aerator or Vintorio Citadel Crystal Wine Decanter for that one-two wine decanting punch!

Melchior Status: Truly amazing! You've made it to two hundred (200) sales. For this achievement, we'll send you either our Vintorio Essential Wine Gift Set or the Vintorio Stiletto Wine Opener. Your choice!

* You’ll receive real-time emails any time you move up to the next tier! You’ll only receive each reward once. Sales do not reset with each new month or year. 

When are rewards processed and shipped?

Ambassador rewards will be processed by the 15th of each month. 

For example: if you made sales in July that qualified you for the next tier, we will process your reward by the 15th of August. If you made sales in December that qualified you for the next tier, we will process your reward by the 15th of January.  

We will notify you when your order is being processed and shipped. You must ensure that your shipping address is correct by the 10th of each month (5 days before the ship date.) Otherwise, your rewards will not be received!

What do I do if I'm missing one of my rewards?

We send shipment tracking emails to the email address used to sign up for your Vintorio Ambassador account, so please keep an eye on any emails received! 

We process the rewards only once a month, so if you reached a new tier in January, your reward will be shipped out in February.

If your shipment goes missing or if you received a defective or broken item, please reach out to us, and we'll make things right. 

Again, please ensure that you give us an up-to-date shipping address and accurate email address at all times. We'll only issue a replacement once, if necessary, so absolutely make sure that all your information is current.

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