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📎 Brand Ambassador CodeUpdated 2 years ago

How do I get my discount code?

After being approved as a Vintorio ambassador, you can find your referral code to share with your followers on your ambassador dashboard.  

Can I change my ambassador code?

Unfortunately, no. The brand ambassador code will typically follow the format of YOURUSERNAME20 or FIRSTNAMELASTNAME20.

We may change your referral coupon code to follow this format during your initial registration. If a code is already taken, we may change the last digits of the coupon code.

Can my ambassador code be used with other discounts?

We do not allow coupon stacking (combining coupon codes) and our website only allows one promotional (coupon) code at a time during checkout. Please make sure that your friends & family use your ambassador coupon code for you to receive credit for the sale.

How will I know when someone uses my referral code?

You can view orders that were placed using your referral link and/or referral coupon code on your ambassador dashboard.

What if I forget or couldn't apply an ambassador code to the order?

If you forgot or you weren't able to apply your ambassador code to the qualifying order, let us know immediately and we can help you.

In order to give you credit for the sale and apply the discount code to the order, please email [email protected] within 48 hours of the purchase with your ambassador account details and the order details, including your ambassador code, your ambassador email address, and the order number starting with VWA. We cannot accept requests after this time frame.

  • We cannot process the credit for the ambassador if we receive the email more than 48 hours after the time of order.
  • We cannot apply your discount code if there is already a discount applied to the order even if the discount code used was a lower value.

How do I promote my referral code?

Our top promoters post their codes on all of their own social media channels, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., and work them into their social media posts. The more you share, the more you can earn!

Ideas for promoting your code:

  • Add your personalized discount link in your Instagram bio so that your followers and friends have easy access to it. You will receive a commission on any purchase they make within 90 days of clicking your link
  • Instagram Stories and Snapchat are wonderful ways to promote your link! If you have an Instagram Business Account enabled, you can ask your followers to swipe up to shop using your referral link. Snapchat will also allow anyone to add a link, so we highly encourage attaching your personal discount link when possible.
  • On Facebook and Twitter, you can drop a fun, creative image featuring one of your favorite Vintorio products or promote the Vintorio lifestyle -- our love of wine! -- while sprinkling your coupon code and/or referral link in.
  • Are you a vlogger on YouTube? Mention your coupon code on camera and sprinkle your coupon code and referral link in your video description!
  • If you're the go-to wine expert in your group, the next time they ask you for a wine suggestion or pairing advice, it doesn't hurt to share your discount link!

The more you promote your link and referral coupon code, the more commission you will make. We recommend posting about your link at least a few times a week on your strongest social media platform, especially during the gift-giving season (the holidays!)

Am I allowed to share my referral coupon code on YouTube or other social media platforms?

Absolutely! You are welcome to promote our brand on any social media platform as long as it is not directly on our @vintoriowine social media accounts, website, or any of our advertisements.

Am I allowed to share my referral coupon code on coupon sites?

No, we do not permit sharing of referral coupon codes on any dedicated coupon websites.

I shared my code everywhere and now my code doesn't work. Why?

While we encourage you to share your code with your followers, you are not permitted to share your code on any @vintoriowine or Vintorio social media posts, websites, advertisements, or coupon websites.

If we find evidence of habitual violations or attempts to circumvent the rules, we reserve the right to void all affiliate credit and future payouts. Additionally, you will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.

I'm a coupon site. My code got deleted and doesn't work. What happened?

We reserve the right to delete codes at any time if we feel they may have been compromised. As part of our program rules, we do not permit dedicated coupon sites to sign up for our ambassador program. 

We will typically notify the ambassador associated with the code prior to deleting it. However, if this was done by accident, you can contact our support team at [email protected] and we’d be happy to set you up with a new referral code.

How do I stay FTC-compliant?

The FTC, or Federal Trade Commission, requires affiliates or brand ambassadors to disclose their relationship with a company or brand on social media. You can read more on the "The FTC’s Endorsement Guides: What People Are Asking" to understand how to stay compliant.

  • Use a hashtag: Tags like #affiliate or #sponsored are some examples.
  • Use the caption: Write it in the caption and keep it short, sweet, and simple.
  • Use your voice: Say it or show it on your video clearly. The best practice is to include it in written form, especially if you have closed captioning.
  • Pin it to the top of your blog post: clearly state that the page contains affiliate links and provide a link to your disclosure policy.
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